ACM(AutoBone Chip Maker) is an instrument to collect autograft bone from mandibular molars or incisor for GBR in defected area.

Auto Chip Maker technique guide

how to use ACM 1
how to use ACM 1


Connect the stopper to the sterilized ACM drill.
how to use ACM 2

Locate the ACM

Select the most suitable place to collect autograft bone. Position the ACM Drill where the autograft bone will be collected.
how to use ACM 3a


To prevent slipping of the ACM drill, slightly tilt the drill left and right until the drill stably positions itself. (80rpm / Non-irrigation recommended)
how to use ACM 3


In order to collect high quality autograft bone, drill only 3~4mm deep from one site, and move on to a different site to continue drilling.
how to use ACM 4