This product is a surgical tool used for oral bone grafting onto areas in which there are defects in autogenous bones.
It consists of surgical tool components that can affix collagen membranes.

Vertical augmentation with Neo GBR kit

how to use GBR kit step1
how to use GBR kit step2
how to use GBR kit step3


This is used to attach a membrane using the CTi-Cover Screw after it is connected to the Fixture. A compatible model must be used.

Tent Screw

This is a screw for GBR use developed to make it easier to maintain the specs for bone formation and to attach a membrane when a wide-scale or horizontal/vertical strengthening is necessary.

Fixing Screw

This is a membrane Fixation Screw for secondary attachment of a membrane. It is attached using the Philips Head Screw Driver.

GBR kit technique guide

how to use GBR kit 1a
how to use GBR kit 1


  • Connect a stopper to the drill.
  • Drill at least 3mm deep depending on the bone density.
how to use GBR kit 2

Tent screw

  • Insert Tent Screw while leaving space for augmentation.
  • Insert at least 3mm deep or more and obtain 15~25Ncm initial stability. Tent Screw may be fractured when torque is over 30Ncm.
how to use GBR 3

CTi-mem & fixing screw

  • Place the Fixing Screws in the Fixing Holes (20~25Ncm). 
  • Using a sharp instrument, create a hole on the CTi-mem where the Tent Screw is located to allow the Cover Screw to be connected afterwards.
how to use GBR kit 4a
how to use GBR kit 4

Bone graft

  • Before bone graft, connect the Cover Screw onto the Tent Screw to prevent bone materials from entering inside.
  • At this time, check if the location of the hole on the CTi-mem matches with the Cover Screw.
how to use GBR kit 5a
how to use GBR 5

Cover screw

  • Remove the cover screw.
  • Fixate CTi-mem to the Tent Screw by reconnecting the Cover Screw above the CTi-mem. (10~15Ncm).
  • Fixate the remaining parts of the CTi-mem so that grafted bones can be stably fixed.
  • Cover the CTi-mem with soft tissue