Sinus Crestal Approach KIT


S-reamer's head with a special blade structure is designed to perforate the sinus inferior cortical bone without sinus membrane tearing and it makes thin bone disk between membrane and reamer. Since the reamer does not touch sinus membrane directly, so it is safer.


With 1,200 RPM high speed drilling with enough irrigation, it perforates sinus cortical wall safely and rapidly without any sinus membrane damage.


SCA kit is designed user-friendly to minimize the operators’ experience gap and sinus lifting techniques, therefore all users can conduct sinus lift easily.

Sinus Crestal Approach Kit Intended use

how to use SCA kit 1


  • Make drills 1mm shorter than measured height of residual bone. Drill only 1mm more in each step by step using 1mm longer stopper before the final drilling.
how to use SCA kit 2

Using S-reamer

  • For safety, select a proper Sreamer in diameter and 1mm shorter than measured height of remained bone. And make drills.
  • If the sinus inferior cortical wall doesn’t perforate until the stopper reaches to the crestal bone, change 1mm longer size stopper and drilling continuously.
  • You can feel perforating in inferior cortical wall.
how to use SCA kit 3

Check perforation

  • Using Depth Gauge, check whether being perforated. Then, hang on the end of depth gauge in sinus wall inside. And check whether the tip side of gauge is hung on the interior wall.
how to use SCA kit 4

Bone carrier

  • Carry the bone grafting materials into osteotome site.
  • One time insertion capacity 0.05cc.
  • To make 1mm graft height, 0.1cc is needed.
how to use SCA kit 5

Bone condenser

  • Push and keep the graft materials in place on the floor of the sinus through the osteotome site.
how to use SCA kit 6

Bone inserter

  • Push the bone into sinus after inserting the bone into a hole with bone carrier.
  • Can be safely used with 1mm long stopper. 80rpm speed.
how to use SCA kit

Bone spreader

  • Spreading the bone and reduce pressure in sinus area. 80rpm speed.
  • Use bone spreader at least after inserting the bone more than 2 times.
how to use SCA kit 8

Final Drilling & Implantation

  • Do a Final Drilling
  • Based on the density of Crestal cortical bone, the Countersink should be done (Except IT Type of Fixture). Generally, it should be done for D1-D2 bone. But, in case of below of D3 bone, it is Okay to skip according to the decision of dentist.
  • After finishing a whole of drilling, do a implantation.