This Kit is a tool for bone graft procedure in oral location where autogenous defect has occurred. It is composed of not only the Tent/Fixing Screw and the New Spacer, but also the EZ-Fixing Screw that is a new product to fixate membrane.

EZ-GBR kit technique guide

how to use EZ-GBR kit 1a
how to use EZ-GBR kit 1

EZ-Fixing screw

To secure enough space for bone formation, place EZ-Fixing Screw on the bone defect area.
how to use EZ-GBR kit 2
how to use EZ-GBR 2

Bone graft & CTi-mem

Fill bone materials up to the height of the EZ-Fixing screw, and position an appropriate type of CTi-mem.
how to use EZ-GBR 3

EZ-CTi-mem push driver

Fixate membrane by pressing down the EZ-Ti-Mem Push Driver to the conical part of the EZ-Fixing Screw.
how to use ez-GBR kit 4

EZ-Cover cap driver

Additionally fixate membrane by placing the EZ-Cover Cap onto the EZ-Fixing Screw using the EZ-Cover Cap Driver.
how to use ez-GBR kit 5

EZ-Break driver

Use EZ-Break Driver to remove the conical part of the EZ-Fixing Screw by rotating it in a clockwise direction.
how to use ez-GBR 6

Fixing screw

  • If necessary, make an additional fixation by using fixing screws.
  • After adapting Cti-mem to surrounding part of tissue, cover the Cti-mem with soft tissue.