Sinus Lateral Approach KIT

Minimally Invasive

  • Minimal flap size
  • Smaller window size than conventional techniques
  • Instruments provide method of opening the lateral wall near the crest


  • Ramers designed to be used with conventional surgical motor handpiece at 2.000rpm
  • Tapered trunk of LS reamer designed to control drilling depth up to 3.5mm without use of drill stops


  • Kit provides a complete set of tools for performing a lateral window sinus lift

Sinus Lateral Approach Kit Technique Guide

how to use sla kit 1


Open the soft tissue.
how to use sla kit 2


  • Make a lateral hole with the LSreamer.
  • Keep the drill upright and maintain a steady drilling motion; Both sides of the LS-reamer blade should be in contact with the bone while drilling.
  • Continue drilling, Speed : 2,000rpm
NOTE : C-Reamer can be used instead of the LS-Reamer if you wish to save a circular bone core disk from the lateral wall.
how to use sla kit 3

Bone Disk

The LS reamer will leave a thin bone disk.
how to use sla kit 4

Detach sinus membrane

#1 elevator is used to initiate detachment of the membrane in the mesial-distal area.
how to use sla kit 5

Elevate sinus membrane

  • #2 elevator is used for detaching the membrane in the inferior area.
  • #3 elevator is used for the anterior and posterior areas.
how to use sla kit 6

Bone graft

  • Place bone graft material.
  • Cover the lateral hole with a collagen membrane.
  • Suture the soft tissue.